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“Amira’s healing weekend workshop was nothing short of breath-taking and mind-twisting. I witnessed real and powerful personal transformations and it was very amazing to see such discovery and growth (then ultimately an actual healing) within someone in such a short period of time.  Even with the weekend requiring a very focused effort by everyone attending – Amira was able to make it feel easy, comfortable, and very much a re-learning instead of new affair of information.

Although my personal experience was held back slightly by certain self limitations (which I am now witness to)… I feel that this was a very much a catalyst that has sparked new excitement into my self realization and discovery.  Truthfully – bringing yourself to be included into something that Amira does on a daily basis can be quite intimidating.  Now, I actually find it to be pretty exciting, fulfilling and quite interesting… only wanting to hear more. I look forward to witnessing more about the powerful, useful, and humbling outlook of the Oneness philosophy and Amira’s own interpretation on life – eventually integrating it into my everyday life and relationships.  Good plan. Amira is a great self-realization artist and from what I have heard – getting better at it every day.  Thank you Amira and congratulations on discovering and then following your calling.” Jordan Smoliak, Founder of Astral Harvest Music FestivalEdmonton (www.astralharvest.com)

Expect nothing and receive everything.  I have always been moved by Amira’s teachings she has this phenomenal ability to connect and guide others through deep processes of the spirit, mind and body.  I did not expect to receive such overwhelming light and joy from my first retreat, my experience was completely revolutionary.  I was guided into depths I didn’t know were possible and blessed with such incredible bright energy that it ignited my bodies every cell and set my mind completely free.  I came expecting nothing and I left with a clear channel of love, motivation, peace, gratitude, freedom, and the ability to give this blessing to others. Tracy Santos, Brazil

I would highly recommend Amira as a healer, spiritual guide, friend and someone to talk to. I have found her insight very valuable both when I am in a Jam or when everything is going well and I just need some clarity. I attended Amira’s Introductory Healing Program in February this year which significantly healed the depression I was experiencing and assisted me in following my calling to run for Mayor of Calgary.”Alnoor Kassam, Contingency Business Coach, Mexico City

“Life has dealt me an interesting hand: my mother committed suicide when I was 20 and my childhood was very stressful.  I spent much of my life debilitated by fear, plagued with anxiety, and chasing accomplishments that never satiated me.  I learned that the freedom I sought existed within me and by applying the healing principles taught in the program to my life my everyday experience has proved not only to be gratifying but synchronistic! The 4 day workshop was a very practical and effective way of bringing healing to past hurts and joy to present relationships.  I’ve never felt so inspired to wake up every morning to MY life." Eugena Rampelwitten, Edmonton

“Amira Eva Loo masterfully instructs and guide’s ones path of awakening through building a fundamental relationship with self-love, and an understanding of Universal Oneness. Through practical processes she guides her students to break down the walls that prevent them from knowing themselves, in turn opening to their individual and universal possibilities. Her inspirational connection to Grace and faith in Gods helping hand, leads those attending her programs to recognize and experience miracles. I highly recommend her programs. Sarah Salter Kelly, Shaman Teacher, Edmonton, AB (www.sarahsalterkelly.com)

For many years I found that my life was without a spiritual home. I would consciously or unconsciously search for modalities, faiths, teachers and guru’s. I never felt I was ever really getting anywhere. My intention was pure but nothing seemed to truly sing to my soul. Then I met Amira. First of all, allow me to describe my first impression of her. I immediately saw and felt someone who has been on the spiritual path for a long time. In my opinion she is a completely genuine soul who has but one purpose on this earth… the awakening of humanity. The teachings and subject matter are both highly thought provoking and enlightening. There is definitely enough material for one to ponder over a lifetime. However this trove of knowledge still pales in comparison to the energy work called the oneness blessing. This is what transformed my life! As a veteran of the Canadian Forces I was expected to perform my duty in active theatres of conflict around the world. The trauma of these events left a profound mark on me. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder in 2005. Once I received my first blessing from Amira in Feburary, 2010. The most amazing change started to occur. Most of the major symptoms related to my disorder started to dissipate. No more nightmares, insomnia or severe anxiety. I felt I was set free. It even prompted me to travel to India. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have found my spiritual home. Thank you Amira for your presence on this earth." Robert Pelletier, Edmonton

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The retreat was a life changing experience.  Since the retreat I no longer question my spiritual path, I feel I am living it.  More and more I experience freedom from the ego-mind, and see it as a force that pulls me into separation — not as my true identity.  The healing I experienced has given me more overall awareness in mind, body and spirit.  This is allowing me deepen into experiencing life as it is, in the present moment.  I am very blessed.” Steven Sutankayo, Edmonton

“I use to feel so miserable, no one understood my pain. I was so isolated and alone, I felt like trash. Who could ever endear trash? During the program, I saw that every other student was like me. We carried the same sadness and even traumas, but we also had the same courage. In the course, I decided not to escape anymore, not to run from fear but to face it, and truly reclaim my strength. As I released a torrent of emotion, and stripped myself of my own masks, I then fell into the most primal pit of my own darkness. Somehow, I pierced through all of it, and found myself on the other side and suddenly one with my most native and pure beautiful self. I finally came to realize how God has always been with me and helped me, despite this obscene path of suffering I’ve chosen. I can take responsibility for my lessons now. I now know that God has never left me and always been waiting for me, ready to reach out to me. All along, God has been my most kindred and close friend. I have received Gods grace and I feel so full now. This turn around has moved me to want to help others. I’ve received such immense and potent love that I feel capable of loving God back. I’ve come to realize what I have always believed, and I know who I am now. I believe there is nothing I can’t do. I am so incredibly grateful, and I stand in awe of the greater plan that orchestrates my life. I have picked up the splintered pieces of my old self, and now return to the path that leads to God and Oneness." Su Wei, Taipei

I started meditating on and off when we moved to Calgary in 1970 and then the search began… I have explored many books and C.D.s by spiritual teachers but I have never experienced such a journey of self discovery as at the 4 day retreat at River Lodge with Amira. I was challenged physically by reaching for higher goals; intellectually by pondering the possibilities of global oneness; emotionally by moving from heart wrenching pain to joyous celebration and spiritually by feelings of utter peace. I can hardly wait for the next experience.” Judy Burgess, Calgary 

Amira and her healing programs have opened up so much in me.  I have felt the presence of pure love, I have remembered the joy of living, I have had clarity over emotional and physical issues and I have felt the energy of spirit move through me.  I feel my intuition and spiritual gifts starting to awaken. It is like someone flicked the switch of my life and I see clearly that I am here to be of service in this critical time for humanity.  Amira is a beautiful soul that has dedicated her life to the awakening of others.  She is an inspiration and has been a blessing to me in so many ways.” P. Dennis, Edmonton 

This is the most tranformational weekend I have ever attended. Amira is a truely gifted teacher who has the ability to gently lead people through deep healing. The insights flowed through the entire weekend. I gained insights into my childhood pain and have begun to heal. Thank you for sharing your gifts! Bob Pyle, Calgary

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Although I have experienced many personal growth processes, the 2.5 day Healing Weekend was pure transformation for me. Amira skillfully led us through transformational processes where I felt deeply connected to the Divine, healing Guides, Ancestors, and Angels. This provided the grace to really transform the issues as they arose. Since the workshop, through Blessings I have given and received, I have been able to remain centered, grounded and loving even though I am going through a significant life change. Victoria Lenon, Calgary 

“For a well seasoned spiritual traveller like me, 17 years on the path, Amira’s talks are a breath of fresh air. She has the ability to take spiritual concepts I am well aware of and add the ingredient of inspiration. It’s like I have new ears with which to hear! This enables us to experience higher consciousness rather than merely think about it. It is the key Amira offers us. Deeksha has offered me so many benefits: Physically: excellent sleep, energy for yoga and meditation, Mentally/Emotionally: the ability to ride the ‘ups and downs’ of life with equanimity, Spiritually: continued insight and the ability to experience JOY in everyday." Sandra Griffin, Westlock 

This 2.5 day Healing program helped me to experience myself as being a part of the flow of grace. I was guided and expedited through processes to begin healing my relationships. The program offered new insights through the teachings and I feel lighter, inspired and more creative.  I see my outer world shifting to reflect the inner beauty that I realized through self love and grace. The embrace of a kindred community ignites my spirit’s drive for actualization. I feel humbled to be a part of the movement of love in this time of global spiritual awakening.Eugena Rampelwitten, Edmonton

“Although the most hard and painful work I have done it was the most amazing weekend of my life…the peacefulness I feel right now is beyond words!!  I did experience a miracle happen to me and I feel more connected and loved than ever before in this lifetime.  I came home to flowers waiting for me and a husband who truly missed me.  I still struggle with the relationship part of being in the situation of negativity and complaining constantly but trying to  not react and just be there. I feel at least I have the grounding to move forward.  I have even seen the miracles come out since the processes…my daughters who I have not had much contact with me (we did not even speak to for over 10 years)…have called and we are spending a night together this Saturday, at the same hotel I stayed in on the weekend…again it just happened. Thank you Amira from the bottom of my heart for your gentle kind loving guidance and to everyone there who went through this process along side me."June, Edmonton, AB

“After the workshop, healing has been growing within me, as my back now feels solid. I know I’ve been graced as I have not had the nightmares that were long withstanding. What previously angered me ‘justifiably’ so much, is now strangely, powerfully outside myself!!! These are miracles ~ O.M.G.!!!! How Beautiful!!  I am energized. Grace is a powerful spiritual tool that does not condemn. It showed me that I am unconditionally loved and supported, right where and when I need it. I can trust myself after receiving this Love, Light and wisdom that speaks so quietly. I feel all my mistakes can be released and forgiven now, so that I can gain new ground.

At the workshop, I never had so much pull for me with everyone’s support. I received such a powerful connectedness that my fears could not hold me back. I was able to release what has tortured me for years. What I went through in the workshop was a once in a lifetime experience! I received a Light so bright that it outshone my pain! The Love was so huge and real from the group; it was like I was re-parented on an emotional & psychological and spiritual plane.

At the intro event, when Amira gave me a blessing, I saw a bluish triangle projected from my forehead out to my shoulders and it was bringing me into a peace that did not have to be earned! Then, it intensified powerfully into a feeling of deep Love, that went across my forehead giving heat and Light. It brought about a spiritual connectedness that I was overwhelmed by and I was deeply healed right then, right there. A glow stayed with me for hours and people kept commenting on how sparkily my eyes were, and some asking if I had attended Amira’s intro. Amira helped me let go of stress from my body that I was carrying from having been near an aggressive environment. What she gives is Spiritual and of Pure Heart which transfers all cellular level. I was taught and re-taught what was needed most for me. I’ve been lifted up, and feel held – held together. I feel very Spiritually Nurtured!!! With Grace ~ I Am Gratefull, Amira!!! xox0xox0xox0” Kryztina, Edmonton, AB


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  1. Amira’s sessions have been an important addition to my overall effort towards self-discovery, self-awareness, self-development, and self-realization. She was very efficient at cleansing my psyche, which helped to make room for my emotional growth. She’s compassionate and kind in providing guidance for my spiritual growth. I really enjoyed the sessions as I could sense the divine presence and divine love, hence I gained comfort that I am not alone in my life journey.



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