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2016 Audio

21天介紹-超越頭腦與自我世界 - 21 Day Intro Talk - Transcending Mind Centered Self
平衡在喚醒與臣服中 - Balance Between Awakening and Surrender
如何不忘掉自己 - Overcoming Forgetfulness of the Self
如何定住在變動情境中 - How to Be Still in the Midst of Change
自我綑綁的世界 - Locked into a Self-Centered World
修正偏離中心狀態 - Correcting the Off Center State
修行的根本精神- The Inner Force Behind Spiritual Practice
修行是談戀愛,有方向有沈澱 Spirituality is a Love Affair Inside Stillness & Movement
修行動力來自珍惜 - Awakening the Passion to Evolve
意識存在心的整合靜心 - Consciousness, Being and Heart Meditation





取代頭腦的兩個層次與有覺知的思想 - Two Stages of Transcending Mind and Conscious Thinking
區分頭腦,觀察者與覺知 - Difference Betweeen Mind, Observer & Awareness
強化覺知擺脫以往狀態 - Strengthening Pure Awareness & Overcoming Forgetfullness
超越身體與頭腦靜心障礙 - Overcoming Body Mind Obstacles in Meditation
頭腦臣服與覺知本我訓練 - Surrender of Mind & Entering Awareness Self
觀察者如何臣服對覺知本我 - Absorption of Observer into Awareness Me
認出觀察者 - Recognizing the Observer




如何認出本我 - Becoming Aware of the Original Self
從醒到覺醒的解釋 - How-awakeness-becomes-awakening
學習定在覺知中 - How to Center in Awareness
覺知本我訓練 - Awakening of Awareness Self
覺知的進展與腦海能量分配 - Evolving Awareness and Balancing Head Energy
朝向持續不斷覺醒狀態 - Moving Towards an Unbroken State of Awakening



水平性的意識臣服 - Horizontal Surrender of Consciousness
如何喚醒純粹意識 - How to Awaken Pure Consciousness
保持謙卑,放下自我的掌控 - Humility and Letting Go of Control
純粹覺知和純粹意識的練習 - Practice of Pure Awareness and Pure Consciousness
意識本我的特質 - Qualities of Pure Consciousness
覺知與意識的同步練習- Parallel Practice of Awareness and Consciousness
覺知與意識提醒靜心 - Consciousness Meditation Reminders



全面性的意識了悟介紹 - Complete Explanation of Consciousness Actualization
如何區分三個意識層次 - How to Differentiate Between Consciousness States
如何從覺醒走向宇宙意識 - How Awakening Becomes Universal Consciousness
完整意識解脫修行方法 - Explanation of Consciousness Liberation
純粹意識與覺知和宇宙的關聯 - Pure Consciousness in Relation to Awareness and the Universe
意識的擴展與涵容 - Expansion and Embodiment of Consciousness
擴展純粹意識與宇宙意識的分別 - Difference Between Expanding Pure Consciousness and Universal Consciousness
靈魂智慧如何誕生 - How to Awaken the Soul's Wisdom
為什麼成為宇宙本我 - Why to Become the Universal Self




存在進入源頭描述 - How Being Enters the Source
完整存在解釋與我的含義 - Explanation of Being and Meaning of I
完整喚醒存在介紹 - Full Explanation of Being
喚醒存在進入源頭的靜心 Awakening Being and Entering Source Meditation
意識與存在迅速到位靜心 - Rapid Centering in Consciousness and Being
意識與存在進化的各種面向 - Different Faces of Consciousness and Being



心的喚醒 - Awakening of the Heart
存在意義來自心 - Meaning of Life Revealed in the Heart
喚醒心中的愛與神性 - Awakening Divinity and Love in the Heart
超越頭腦進入純粹心- Transcending Mind, Entering Pure Heart

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