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About Avalon



Avalon 在教導上並不遵循任何特定的傳統或方法。她擁有與生俱來的直覺力,透過直接與人們的意識融合為一,帶領人們及團體走入最主要的過程,Avalon在修行上全面性的廣泛背景幫助她創造出一套關鍵的生命教導與整體轉化性的過程,能夠帶來直接、有效與持續的內在改變。


About Avalon

Avalon is a highly experienced spiritual teacher who has guided many thousands of people for over 18  years in Canada, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. She has been meditating since she was 5 and in full self-cultivation for 24 years. She is also the author of, “Awakening Into Love” published in Chinese in 2012.

Although, Avalon has studied with many spiritual masters both East and West, she does not follow any fixed tradition or methodology for teaching. She is a natural intuitive and leads programs by directly tuning into the consciousness state of individuals and groups. Avalon’s extensive background in holistic self-development has helped her to create a vital set of life teachings and transformative processes to produce direct, effective and long lasting inner change.

Avalon works specifically in two major areas: the purification and healing of consciousness, and the awakening and ascension of consciousness. Her programs are filled with grace and light, often inviting inexplicably quantum changes in people. Her role is to provide sacred spaces and higher guidance so people can undergo processes leading to their own self-healing, empowerment and awakening.

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