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Avalon 在教導上並不遵循任何特定的傳統或方法。她擁有與生俱來的直覺力,透過直接與人們的意識融合為一,帶領人們及團體走入最主要的過程,Avalon在修行上全面性的廣泛背景幫助她創造出一套關鍵的生命教導與整體轉化性的過程,能夠帶來直接、有效與持續的內在改變。


About Avalon

Avalon is a Canadian-born Spiritual Guide of Taiwanese and Chinese descent. She is an intuitive empath and spiritual visionary that has been teaching over the last 19 years throughout Asia and Canada. Over the years, she has offered immersive healing courses, silent meditation retreats, advanced training for healers, and private sessions in both Mandarin and English, her native language.

Avalon is the published author of “Awakening Into Love,” a bio about her journey of spiritual transformation. She has also produced a book series based on meditation practices that lead to various forms of awakening and samadhi. She has sold and distributed many thousands of books and helped over ten thousand people in her time of service.

Over the years, Avalon has studied with a few select spiritual masters, in both the areas of healing the human psyche, and awakening our soul nature. She sees the path out of suffering and the path towards ascension as equally essential to becoming whole. As an empath, Avalon has a unique ability to accurately read the consciousness state of both individuals and groups. Avalon is also a channel for divine grace and higher guidance, both gifts help her facilitate what is most needed in one’s inner evolution.

Avalon’s highest aim is to help raise human consciousness. She does this by sharing a vital set of life teachings and conducting powerful processes of transformation that progressively divest one from a life of karma (recipient of effects) to one aligned with their dharma (creator of purpose). Over the years, she has founded a method of transformation that is based on a three-fold approach to change (Linear, Quantum, Divine) that significantly shorten what would normally be an elongated process of therapy. Through a series of powerful sessions, the heaviness and density in one’s human self are rapidly cleared, and energetic homeostasis is restored.

Her healing method is called, First Three Pillars”.  See the link to find out more. 

As the path out of suffering, or healing the human psyche is only the first step, Avalon also guides seekers into soul awakening, higher consciousness states, and clear practices that lead to samadhi and true liberated states of being. The three areas of true nature to awaken are Consciousness, Beingness and Divine Love. In each area, there is awakening of the aspect, and then its absorption into oneness. Here, fear and separation are transcended, and an unbounded wellness and unity, native to the realm of the soul return.

When the seeker is ready, then the “Second Three Pillars” are introduced.

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