Avalon ~ The Deeper Phases of Her Journey

Early Days

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Avalon was born to loving parents
of Taiwanese, Chinese and Mongolian descent in Edmonton, Canada who named her Eva. While her family’s spirituality was rooted in Buddhism, her parents never imposed their religious beliefs or practices onto her, thus she grew up free to explore her spiritual inclinations. Eva’s father would meditate every evening and although she had little understanding of his spiritual path at the time, she sensed with a budding curiosity that this was her path too. From five years of age, she would sit in her darkened room, back against the door, and close her eyes for extended periods not realizing that she was meditating. At five, she also naturally tuned into the presence of an unseen universal beloved. Though no one ever introduced the concept of God to her, she would kneel at her bedside at night often praying and conversing with God.

Eva’s longing for spiritual connection was quenched at age 12 when she turned to Christianity after being deeply moved by a neighbor’s emotional account of being reborn through Christ.  At age 14, Eva came across Buddhist teachings on enlightenment in a school textbook and realized that beyond seeking God, there was a state of self- actualization that she yearned for, thus she left Christianity and the idea of adhering to any one way. Existential questions permeated her thinking processes, and she sought to understand life at university through her studies in religion and philosophy. In academia, while she learned the art of critical thinking, essentially, she still failed to satiate anything beyond the mind which led her to cease her studies just short of graduation.

Third World Travel

Eva felt a profound urgency to understand the world through experience and thus left home, family, and all signs of familiarity at age 20. Intent on discovering the truth of human life, she was drawn to the darkest, most impoverished, most painful and foreign realities she could find. Traveling alone through nineteen countries over two years, she visited India, Southern Africa, South East Asia, and the Far East, where she spent a great deal of time with the homeless, the outcast, the destitute and the dying. By venturing beyond her fortunate circumstances in the West, she was able to explore an opposite side to human reality. Struck by the paradoxical observation that some people from the third world who live in truly dire conditions were still able to maintain the spirit of true happiness, whilst many westerners are overtaken with depression and emptiness despite the comforts of affluence, she ceased her exploration of the external world, and turned her entire spiritual quest within.

Spiritual Quest and Samadhi

She then commenced a spiritual journey to attain a state of internal liberation. It was clear to her that a spiritual guide would be necessary. In this search, she was naturally drawn to Mother India. Landing there, she travelled extensively but was only deeply disappointed by encounters with insincere and under-qualified teachers, basically teachers who had only attained partial states of awakening and partial states of understanding regarding spiritual evolution. Just as she was about to give up her search, she came across an enlightened man, reminiscent of an ancient Zen Master, who would become her first teacher. At this time, the turn of the new millennia, on January 1st, 2000, Eva changed her name to Amira to signify the beginning of her path to living in with conscious awareness.

This spiritual master presented the map of consciousness and awakening in a remarkably concise, clear and comprehensive way. After 4.5 years of dedicated study and serious practice with him, Amira landed into a deep and sustained state of a partially awakened consciousness and vertical samadhi in the Source/Void/Absolute. Her body and personality were her link to creation, however her existence had expanded and become absorbed in the realm of absence wherein she experienced a radical liberation on the level of her Being.

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The Problem of Premature Transcendence

As Amira continued to walk the path of meditation, a curious disparity between her spiritual and human reality grew. She found that despite her deep state of spiritual abidance, she was still not free from the ugliness of the mind or emotional negativity. How was it possible to experience both freedom and bondage at the same time? How was it possible to experience the bliss of transcendence and yet psychological pain at the same time? She realized her access to the Source was more of a place of abidance for the ego, and that indeed her core identity as a human had not yet been fundamentally transformed.

Fate interrupted this trajectory, redirecting Amira to pursue her inner work at more basic human levels. She was introduced to a spiritual university that conducted processes of self-development in precisely the areas that she was missing. They worked specifically with the purification, healing and transformation of one’s psychological and emotional reality. Amira discovered that work on bringing one’s human aspects into peace and harmony is the basic foundation of self-development and best precedes work towards any higher or transcendental state of consciousness.

Since observing that her higher spiritual state still had not purified her mind, Amira became set on completing this rudimentary level of inner work. Since, her awakened state made all emotional and psychological content seem unreal and far removed, she found it difficult to heal this content she did not believe in. It seemed easier for her to revert to an un-awakened state in order to heal the psyche from the viewpoint of seeing its contents as real. When one is unawake, a disturbed mind feels truly disturbing, however when one is awake, she found, it was harder to invest belief in the mind and take it seriously enough to heal.

Without knowing if she could, over three weeks, she decisively and actively released herself from her awakened state of consciousness and absorption in samadhi, thereby re-entering the reality of the collective unconscious. It was a great sacrifice to unravel the fruits of 4.5 years of steady meditation and return to an ordinary human state of subconscious awareness and the suffering of the mind. She was however intent on reaching a holistic state of self-realization and felt this was a more direct pathway. (Note: this is not to say, one must be un-awakened to do healing work rather, it is just how Amira chose to approach her healing.)

At this spiritual university, Amira underwent countless extremely powerful processes of healing, transformation and release on the level of her psyche, in the subconscious and unconscious. She learned how to clearly see her human nature and embrace herself in a conscientious move towards true self-love and self-acceptance. This journey entailed the undoing of deep levels of conditioning, childhood wounds, the birth process, correcting false and limiting beliefs, releasing negative psychological patterns, healing relationships, and the realization of her life work and purpose. Amira embraced the vision that spiritual awakening was possible for anyone and everyone, and thus embarked on a life of service at 28 years of age.

Working as a Spiritual Teacher and The Dark Night

In Taiwan, Amira worked extensively towards offering others the same transformative processes of spiritually based psychological work that she had experienced. Having been initiated as a channel for divine grace, Amira began to conduct programs for increasingly larger groups across Taiwan.  She eventually became known in the Taiwanese spiritual circuit. After a year of teaching, Amira discovered she had a true gift for being able to tune in deeply and accurately to a person’s inner state. Amira could conduct very effective inner processes, and quickly recovered her innate ability to channel information as needed from higher divine guidance, present and/or crossed-over loved ones. She discovered because of the oneness of consciousness, it was possible to channel virtually anything, even one’s inner child, past self, future or higher self. After much experimentation with different forms of healing work, Amira resolved no longer to channel people, but only pass messages from higher realms to people as needed. As this period of work was still a time of maturation and strengthening, Amira faced the task of resolving many of her own worldly problems.

螢幕快照 2016-03-25 下午2.38.15Amira quickly received a new form of education, as she learned that even spirituality can be political. Her inner realizations were tested against the backdrop of life, as she was forced to repeatedly push past boundaries of comfort, while working amidst some highly difficult and challenging personalities who did not welcome her as a foreigner to Taiwan. Her outer challenges remained manageable, until the day that the inner state that had been gifted to her through grace, suddenly disappeared, and she hit rock bottom. To her dismay, she entered into an intensive process of inner darkness, misery and suffering, which lasted two full years. It was the dark night of the soul process.

At this time, she came to understand the essence of true suffering. As Amira had essentially led a very smooth and happy life until that point, there remained a gap of understanding and empathy between her and the people who came to her for help. As a result of this two-year period in darkness, she came to personally know and experience some extreme and debilitating depths of inner pain. This understanding deepened her empathy with the various plights of people and helped her to work much more deeply and effectively with them thereafter.

In 2006, through a transmission of divine grace, Amira was released from all existential suffering.  Emotion and thought no longer held their grip on her, nor were they able to cause sustainable levels of pain. Difficulties in the inner and outer worlds could now pass through her with greater ease, like water, however not yet like wind. She learned how to approach her teachings from her higher self and to allow integrity and compassion to truly become her guiding light.

Return to Canada and Time of Retreat

At the peak of her teaching work in Taiwan, Amira felt after thirteen years of living abroad that it was time to return to her family, and reside in her hometown Edmonton,  Canada.  Over the next years, Amira offered spiritual programs in Canada and returned to Taiwan and China for teaching tours. In 2012, she published an autobiography in Taiwan and completed an extensive book tour. Her main message was that spiritual awakening does not necessarily develop one’s character and that simple human qualities like integrity, forgiveness, love and compassion, are more valuable than the obsession for awakening without purification. Amira stopped teaching at the conclusion of her book tour, in order resume her inner work on the level of consciousness, being and the realization of her soul identity in connection with the beyond.

Amira spent 2.5 years in silent retreat and a renewed unbroken dedication to her own meditation based spiritual practice. In this time, she returned to her former state of awakening and Samadhi in the source. She also gained access to the Universal I Am, and the door to universal consciousness opened to her. The opening of these vital inner pathways, deepened her understanding, and access to liberation on the level of consciousness and being. Prior to her stabilization in this new state, however, she felt powerfully called back into service, and thereby, returned to Asia to begin teaching once again.

The projection of energy outward to serve people, eventually pulled her out of her inner depth, thus, she began to experience the flux between ordinary consciousness and various depths of inner realization. While she could access these expanded states of consciousness, she could not sustain them in a continuous abiding way. Eventually, she also slipped out of samadhi in being. This regression was painful as she sought the balance between engagement in the world and maintaining core rest in her inner state.  This period of retreat helped her access a greater map of spiritual awakening and glimpse a future state she would be moving towards, however the work of stabilization and integration of one’s inner state and outer life continue to be her dedication.

Shift from Amira to Avalon

During the middle of her 2015 teaching tour in Taiwan, she underwent a significant transformation in which her journey as Amira came to a relative end. During one of the retreats she was leading, occurred a strange turn of events in which she spontaneously began receiving a series of initiations from the beyond. A holistic recalibration of Amira’s entire body and being took place down to the cellular level.

After two decades of intensive unbroken inner work, the fundamental processes of human purification, healing and learning came to relative completion for Amira. Because enough human identifications had dissolved, enough space opened in her being for the descent of her higher self. The higher self that her soul use to relate to as a separate being above and beyond her body, was then merged with her soul inside the body. Instead of being a human cultivating spirituality, her spiritual identity shifted to the forefront, of which now encompass her human aspects.

This metamorphosis is signified by her change in name. Her new name is Avalon which is not the name of a person, but a place; the word Avalon means an island, a doorway to a higher dimension where souls can come to undergo spiritual healing and transformation. It is also a name that has followed her since childhood. Avalon still undergoes human processes of learning like everyone, but now from the vantage point of her higher identity. This process marked the ending of a major stage in her life’s blueprint, and the beginning of a new one.


Avalon is by heart a spiritual adept, a meditator, a seeker of truth. She sees herself as a student of the mystery of life and is called by a powerful and profound calling to assist people in their own path towards inner liberation. She has a truly unique ability to become one with the consciousness of people, and is able to lead processes of deep transformation. She is a natural intuitive and channel for higher guidance. She does not use any specific techniques or draw from any traditions in terms of her work in healing the psyche. Here, her work is a natural intuitive response to what is most needed for a person in the moment. Her approach to meditation has however been primarily shaped by her meditation teacher of which she remains enormously grateful and indebted. After decades of searching, she has not yet found a path of awakening that as clearly, concisely and rapidly supports awakening and ascension as this one, so her completion on that path remains her primary dedication, meanwhile she wishes to help others en route to engage in the deep layers of spiritual growth, awakening and transcendence in a clear and as simplified way as possible.

Avalon returned to a state of retreat from 2017 to 2022. She is now coming out Sept 2022, and offering private sessions, prior to her launch of group and online work coming in late 2022.

Talks from healing programs all available in video form and guided audio meditations from her previous work 2015-17 are available on this website, and videos available on youtube. You are also welcome to join us on FB or youtube under: Avalon Teachings.com for other spiritual resources.

Blessings of Grace