Early Days

I am an Empath, Visionary and Guide.

I am a forever seeker of Truth, Love and God.

And …. here is my story.

I began spontaneously meditating and praying from age 5. Throughout childhood, I was awestruck, how of all things that exist, that somehow “I” could exist too, and experience existence because of it. How did I get so lucky? I could have just as easily been unconscious ether. During school years, I often told friends I was going into a period of silence. My early life was defined by a seekers heart and powerful drive to find life’s answers.

Before incarnation, I was clear in choosing my parents. I wanted loving support, without too much intervention. I was shown principles of goodness, kindness, and reciprocity, but I was grateful to be spared from the indoctrination commonplace in parental dynamics. Like so, I was able to navigate life using my own guidance system.

I left academia before graduation, realizing philosophical and religious studies could not yield experiential answers. I pursued extensive third world travel as a solitary female from age 21, veering off the beaten path, seeking exposure to extreme realities of human suffering. This began in Calcutta, volunteering at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Destitute and Dying, and later developed into the raw meeting of people barely surviving in slums, leper colonies, and tribal grounds which lacked basic resources, like medicine or food for all seasons. Seeing how dire life was for some, was a way to shock my system out of it sheltered Western lens.

Third World Travel

For a quarter century, I travelled various corners of the world, piecing together an understanding of collective human reality. So many roads walked, so much terrain crossed – met so many souls, in the eyes and from the heart. Every person became a touch point in my consciousness; they were countless angles of perception that informed my being on the nature of life, existence, and what it means to be human. Many seemed so outwardly different, yet we could still nod in the realness of mutual understanding. At the end of my outer explorations, I realized that no matter the external circumstance, abundant or impoverished, sick or healthy – that suffering, joy and the entire spectrum of feeling was a shared human experience.

My outer explorations, eventually morphed into an inner pursuit of truth. For this, I made many pilgrimages to sacred sites all over India, the Far East, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, Bhutan and later to ancient Europe. I was honored to experience many spiritual initiations, energy transmissions, and life teachings by spiritual masters and divinely realized teachers. One of those beings was an avatar, from whom a simple glimpse of their eyes at a distance made me physically collapse because their emanation of divine love was so overpowering. This living example was truly inspiring and showed me the vibrational height a human could embody.

Healings & Metaphysical Openings

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Over the years of my searching, I underwent a multitude of healings that were both shattering and liberating. My psyche underwent processes of emotional healing and psychological purification, so cathartic and intense, that many required the containment of retreat spaces, and the supervision of expert guides. There was also an unguided period of two years, where I was immersed in life, and spontaneously initiated into debilitating depths of darkness and despair – a classic dark night of the soul ensued. The teachings in it were relentless, and the value of it, immeasurable. That deep dive into my own underworld opened a newfound depth of empathy, prepping my ability to resonate to anyone seeking my help later. My healing journey covered many pockets of my psyche including childhood wounds, in utero trauma, repairing relations, ancestral lines, past lives, clearing blocks, undoing patterns, releasing negativity, and dissolving karmas.

After the deep cleansing of my human self, I began traversing through more metaphysical processes that informed me of the existence of higher realities. Twice, I experienced the conscious death of my physical body. I also experienced my nature as pure unbearable light, had an ecstatic vibrational All-Is-God-Realization, and experienced myself as Mother Earth intimately feeling her tremendous majesty and profound pain at the same time. I was also stunned to realize myself simultaneously as subject and object, where I was both me and the eyes of tiny creatures peering back at me. I experienced reality as fundamentally empty, where life is an endless stream of projections blinking in and out of reality, meaning that all creation is literally going through birth and death in every moment. I also experienced the confounding paradox of oneness and polarity inside the body, where the unity of cosmic consciousness, and mental negativity could somehow co-exist. Though these mystical revelations were transient in nature, they showed me a wider reality, helped me to see my relationship to the whole, and did raise my baseline consciousness.

The Call to Teach

After a period of intensive transformations, I was encouraged by a pervasive spiritual master to spread my story of spiritual transformation, and help to elicit it in others. Over the next 19 years, I began to spread spiritual teachings and channel divine grace to support people in their own personal transformation. I released books, opened spiritual centers, trained healers, toured Canada, but mainly Asia giving talks to hundreds regularly, and facilitated transformation for many thousands of people.

During my calling to work in Taiwan, I was spontaneously reawakened to my own past life abilities cultivated on this planet and in other physical and non-physical realms. I realized, I could channel energy and thought-forms from anywhere on ones’ timeline (past, present, future), to channeling various versions of ourselves (childhood, future, higher), to various divine guides (angels, guardians, ancestors), to crossed over loved ones (in light, darkness, transition). Later I deferred to only channeling divine messages, and rather just passing on messages from the departed.

Embodiment of Higher Self

In later years, I received an unexpected divine intervention, which shifted my primary identification from my human egoic self to my higher spiritual self. The higher self that previously stood watching over me, suddenly entered my body, vibrationally transforming my frequency and cellular structure. It was a dramatic experience that took hours and the support of a large group to hold space for. When I awoke in the morning, my newly embodied higher self, had to somehow learn how to look, act, and talk like a human within the density of a body in our physical realm. This was an amazing gift and brought me deep comfort knowing I was being watched over, and that at the right time, I would be initiated into the next stage of life, whether I was pursuant of it or not.

Throughout my journey, the constant thread has been meditation. Going back to age 23, it was after intensive searching throughout India, that I finally found an obscure but exceptional meditation master. He could clearly elucidate the subtleties of how to evolve one’s soul identity, how to reach samadhi (supreme rest) in the various bodies, and how to become not only awakened to our true nature, but also liberated into a transcendent state. While I’ve remained open to teachings from other enlightened teachers, I really had not found anything that came close to explaining the intricacies of consciousness, being, the heart and soul with such precision that concrete steps could be taken towards self-actualization. Given there is no end to ascension, I am indeed a perpetual student of meditation. Having traversed the pathways of awakening and transcendence, embodying them for months or years at a time, I can effectively teach the main principles and aim to.

Here to Serve You

My challenge you may wonder is integration and offsetting regression. Though I have had incredible openings to the Divine, higher vibrational realities, and ascended states, I have had trouble at times integrating my soul experience into the complexity of human life. Sometimes I have sustained periods led by my higher self, being the knowing navigational force. And sometimes, my human aspect becomes forefront to navigate something difficult and dense, applying spiritual principles rather than embodying them. Though I have reached only a fraction of my spiritual aspirations, I have been vigorously and undeniably been called back into service after five years in retreat. So here I am, here to serve you once again – and I feel excited and deeply honored.

Blessings of Grace