If you do not release control, the Divine cannot take over. Grace does not flow with force, but like water it flows where the way is open ~Avalon(Amira)



Transformation is a true phenomenon. It occurs most powerfully when human effort and divine grace unite. The only prerequisite is the willingness to meet with the truth of oneself. If we can release all fear of this meeting and allow for complete self intimacy, then transformation is imminent.

We are literally made of light.

The new physics has now evidenced this. What makes us unique from each other is only the patterns of information that we choose to resonate with. Sickness, disease, suffering, negativity, fear, lack, attachment are all literally patterns of information that we are in resonance with. Because they are not our essence, they can be removed and be exchanged with higher vibratory experiences and fields of information. We can literally choose health, happiness, positivity, love and trust.

The only trick is to shift our resonance without denial, avoidance or repression. Most people try to transcend their compromised condition but cannot do so in a way that lasts. They try to shift their attention away from their pain and instead absorb it in some distraction, addiction, or short-lived form of positive reinforcement. The problem is that with most spiritual interventions like positive affirmations, visualization, or even meditation – is that unless our energetic charges and blocks are discharged correctly, these attempts only serve to further cover up the problem. Every condition has a reason for being there and unless we meet with that reason and learn from it, it retains it’s existential need to be there. In lieu of the “reasons why” – our problems in the world, in work, relationships, even in the body, all serve as access points to the unconscious aspects of our self that require awareness and resolution. If we can instead work on our inner dysfunction, we would find parallel shifts reflected in our outer reality.

Returning to our nature and living from our divine inner light is a question of access. If we can skillfully remove the layers of obstructions covering our light, then we will regain access. Our attention is often absorbed by thoughts or emotions that are limited, repetitive, negative or fear-based. The key is to identify each problematic thread of consciousness, feel and learn from it fully, and then release it back into the field of uncreated potential. Self Realization is literally the creation of space, the unlearning of information, the clearing of obstructions, the healing of pain and the resolving of issues. Once we can un-occupy our attention with the relative, then the pure light of our absolute nature as radiant love and light is then just the case. There is no effort in the return to our pure and natural state – but there is the skillful undoing of all that we have given ourselves to that has contracted our eternal identity into this fearful separated self. When our light reappears, it is our deep recognition and unbroken resonance with it that begins the process of unlimited expansion and eventual ascension.

The work I do is based on these principle understandings. If one can simply open to the precious gift of inner work and see that it is the portal to quantum change, then we have a beginning. My work is based on personal inspiration, higher guidance and channeling directly from divine spirit. I see the uniqueness of people’s struggles and aspirations and use the most suitable approach to help them effect a genuine healing, transformation or awakening.

* * *

Avalon(Amira) conducts programs, retreats, and private sessions for holistic healing and spiritual awakening.