Transformative Healing Sessions

Private Sessions In Edmonton & On Skype

 (Private Sessions not available at this time)

For Purification, Balance and Harmony

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All sessions occur in the pure light of sacred space. Divine guidance streams through to guide the unique needs of each soul. Sessions help to identify and lift major blocks and charges in one’s psychology and emotional body. Sessions also help to clear false, negative or limiting programming and patterns hidden in one’s unconscious. Lost and fragmented parts of self will be reclaimed and begin reintegration. If one is highly estranged from oneself, soul retrieval will be conducted. If there are foreign energies and karma’s that do not belong to one’s field, they will be cleared. Major karmic lessons and challenges will become lucid and clear bringing a new depth of understanding and meaning to one’s life.

The most unique aspect of this session is that the soul will be clearly shown it’s current state and if useful and desired, the soul will see clearly her current trajectory. Guidance will reveal relevant aspects of one’s ancient past to bring about in-depth healing in the present. Guidance will also help one to uproot one’s path and align it with the higher potentials for future creation and expression. The whole session happens through the grace of your own higher self and divine guides wherein the aim is to help one restore inner strength, clarity, wisdom, purpose and joy. These aims are met through a series of sessions with Amira, however each session will be full in it’s fruits and meet the threshold of how much one can process at one time.

Lotus_Flower_IMG_7248-700Type 1: Transformational Healing Sessions

Relevant to those: experiencing struggle, pain, depression, PTSD, trauma, unresolved conflicts, negative patterns, broken relationships, work related issues, stagnancy, debilitating fears, lack of self confidence, inability to attract desired life situations.

Sessions often cover many of the following aspects:

  • release of negativity, toxicity, and interferences in one’s field
  • clearing of destructive patterns through a range of healing interventions
  • re-sensitization and reconnection if one has become numb and unfeeling
  • understanding of how disempowerment or fragmentation has occurred
  • energetic clearing of one’s physiology and tendencies towards sickness and problem re-creation
  • clarity of one’s life lessons, challenges and karmic agreements
  • release of unhealthy agreements and patterns that no longer serve
  • a renewal of genuine acceptance and love for self and for others
  • the healing, restoration and understanding of relationships
  • the transmutation of negative energies into the light of pure unrealized potential
  • the experiential movement back towards wholeness

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 7.50.40 PMType 2: Ascension & Empowerment Sessions 

Relevant to those: needing direction, an increase in self confidence, realignment with life purpose, in major transition, desiring spiritual awakening, transitioning to work based on life purpose, desiring an attunement and empowerment.

Sessions often cover many of the following aspects:

  • letting go of negative and limiting psychological and emotional patterns
  • clearing of interference, dense energies and obstructions in one’s field
  • releasing unhealthy karmic entanglements with people
  • clarity of one’s main life lessons, themes and challenges.
  • awakening one’s inner connection to higher self and divine guidance
  • awakening to heart centered knowingness and presence
  • reawakening or strengthening of one’s soul identity
  • shifting one’s resonance to attraction instead of seeking
  • renewal of personal power and strength, inner truth and voice
  • activation of one’s unique gifts, strengths and abilities
  • overall energetic attunement of one’s spiritual, psyche, emotions and physiology

Special: Will be using techniques of Matrix Energetics for higher attunements and clearings.

Cost: $220 CAD for 45-60 min Session


TO BOOK A SESSION, please contact: or (+1)780-752-7722 (office) or (+1)780-966-5522 (cell)


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.18.42 PMType 3: Spiritual Counselling session (not available now)

This is not an in-depth process of clearing, healing and transformation as conducted in the Type 1 Healing and Type 2 Empowerment Sessions. This is a heart based discussion of any of your personal, family, business, financial, health or spiritual concerns.

Sessions often cover many of the following aspects:

  • to gain insight into your current psychological, emotional and spiritual state
  • to gain insight into problematic or re-occuring life, work, relationship problem or situation
  • to gain insight into a relationship dynamic, it’s inherent lessons and way of resolution
  • to discern between workable internal issues and learn how to navigate among the external issues

No longer available


TO BOOK A SESSION, please contact: or (+1)780-752-7722 (office) or (+1)780-966-5522 (cell)


Session Preparations:

Be willing to truly undergo a change. Have some understanding of what you would like to work through and get out of the session. If you are uncertain, it is also fine as the session will still flow seamlessly according to higher guidance. Wear comfortable clothing, pants is preferred. Sessions can be highly impactful, so after the session one should keep at least 1-2 hours of free time to help integrate the changes. Be relaxed and calm, it is a powerful and beautiful journey.


No one can promise any result to you because after all you are the beginning, middle and end of all change in your own being. Divine guidance will be there for each person. Amira’s work is to facilitate the interaction between you and your own higher counsel. The power of healing and transformation lies in your own hands. Amira will provide her very best effort to assist you in achieving the desired changes.


What happens in the 1st Private Session? (2 hours)

Part 1 Consultation (20 min): Amira takes time to understand your life history, family background, impactful events, current stage in life, state of mind and heart, your fears, desires, and general vision for self and life.

Part 2 Session (1:40 min): Sacred space is opened with a heart-centered meditation, divine guidance is requested and intentions are set.  A completely unique soul journey ensues. Your field of consciousness comes into view and a perfect flow of information comes through reflecting what is most needed for you to know and process at this time. Lost yet relevant pieces of information resurface from the unconscious helping to reveal the wider context of your soul’s evolution. When we can see how our legacy of learning has been laid out from the ancient past until now, then we can clearly identify which karmic patterns have been weaving themselves throughout time.

As well as our own agreements for learning this life, we may have to contend with patterns carried over from our ancestral line, our ethnic heritage, and family constellation. We may also have programs inherited from organizational, societal or global fields of thought. Once we are aware of how our inner reality is set up, with attention to the specifics of our conditioning, programming, belief systems, and unresolved blocks, wounds or issues, then can begin the process of clearing, healing, resolving and uprooting.

Sacred space is a quantum dimension where inner work and transformation happen quickly. Grace allows one’s being to soften and open to higher ways of seeing, being, choosing and living. Our nature is literally made of pure light and radiant love but this is only understood as a spiritual ideal removed from our daily human reality. But we need to reframe our understanding and see that to live in a state of light, is actually to live as our most natural and true selves. It is possible if we remove the dust, that is, all the layers that cover our nature. These sessions serve to accelerate the soul’s natural process of growth, learning and evolution. It is a deep, multi-layered attunement of one’s body, mind, heart, spirit and being. 


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