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  • Awakening is a revival of dormant consciousness.
  • To expand energetically is not enough. Our intelligence must find parallel growth.
  • Fill each moment with your Presence.
  • No conflict is random. At every turn, life is trying to evolve you.

  • To judge something, anything, is to divide one part of yourself from another.
  • Resolving something truly, always precedes transcending it.
  • Most activity is a desperate attempt to awaken a dormant part of the self.
  • Every conflict challenges your willingness to come from love.
  • One of love’s lessons: is the willingness to stay open, even when the other closes.
  • Where God cannot change circumstance, God would give us the inner resource to go through it.
  • Awakening deepens through time. It is neither fixed nor finite.
  • We fear our nothingness more than anything. And yet its discovery, is what would set us free.
  • Rest assured, there is a higher plan.
  • Without learning self-fulfillment, we only trade one crutch for another.
  • Give to yourself first, what you wish to attain from others.
  • If you only concentrate on fulfilling this moment, then the next, and the next, and the next, and then so on ~ then what is lacking?
  • It’s important to believe in love, no matter what happens.
  • Learning from the mistakes others make, is the easy way life tries to teach you.
  • To honor the human experience, is to deeply feel everything.
  • If you truly live in your light, then you avert the problem of comparison.
  • In not trying to be a somebody, you are free to be yourself.
  • Embrace the weaknesses of others, and they become inspired to grow strong.
  • The world needs your light. Step into your luminous self-nature and shine.
  • People have changed themselves, according to the amount of love they are trying to acquire.
  • Inquire into the gap between your original and naturally arising self, and the self you present to the world, here and now.
  • Many of our personalities are born of the desire to avoid lonliness and rejection
  • The destiny of hurt is to find its way back to love. Through active intent and divine grace, by and by, it happens.
  • Discovering your life purpose synthesizes, what you love to do, with what your natural strengths and abilities are.
  • Relying on others to make you happy, would require that they lose themselves to live for you.
  • Every major relationship in your life is karmic, wherein you are bound to the other until the learning completes.
  • Awakening is to step out of the dream. If joy is a result, it is only a bi-product. Awakening is to see things as they are.
  • Dissolving pain is an art. It is a gentle balance of presence, stillness and surrender within the pain.
  • There is so much love in this world, its a wonder we live virtually everywhere but at the center of it.
  • What happened to love just for the sake of it? No returns. No gains. No promises. Just love.
  • To be in this world is to accept that the universe is momentarily contained in the body.
  • The image one projects, and trieds to perfect – is the box that one lives in.
  • We do not possess anyone, neither the children in our care, neither the students we teach, neither our beloved with whom we draw a contract.
  • Awakening is an ever-expanding journey, with no final threshold to surpass, or fixed course to follow.
  • Karmic encounters are neither lukewarm or forgettable.
  • Failing to embrace Divine Grace unnecessarily limits you.
  • We are influenced by a host of unseen factors.
  •  It is powerful to affirm to the universe, that: I do not want what is not mine.




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