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Three Pillars Method

Three Pillars Method 

This is my three fold approach to the most effective way of facilitate a rapid yet sustaining approach to transformation. The three methods used are: 

(Pillar 1) Linear Way is a more traditional approach to healing, using a psycho-somatic processing 

(Pillar 2) Quantum Way traverses processes quickly by collapsing time and space 

(Pillar 3) DivineGrace causes high level transformation & an opening to miracles 

Pillar One – The Linear Way 

The first pillar is a psycho-somatic method of visceral processing in the body. By going honestly and deeply into the feeling body and acknowledging all lessons in conscious awareness, blockages can be released in full. If there are barriers to entering the feeling body, they must be first addressed. These may include: lack of sensitivity, fear of vulnerability, numbness to feeling, excessive self-protection, unconscious resistance, fear of pain, change, death or the unknown, denial of issues, or self-delusion based on false affirmations. If there is external interference, this must also be cleared at the outset. Once barriers are overcome, and one feels safe and supported to enter deeper within, then any array of tools can be used to awaken, process and release what is no longer serving. Each tool will also be adapted as each block will be unique in what is needed to clear it. 

To truly clear a block, one cannot just cognize or witness an issue, one must enter a state of experiencing. Only a felt sense of the issue, and bringing that to completion will be enough to truly uproot it. A block is often scattered throughout the body and/or field, so we will centralize it to ensure we work the whole of it. Breath, sound, touch, feeling, memory, intention can all be ways of resonating with and accessing the depth of energies we are working with. The processing completes when we assimilate learning, gain personal insight, and will ourselves to evolve beyond the need for a learning to be revisited. I will guide this whole process, while ensuring my guidance does not interfere with realizations that must come from you, keeping you empowered in the process. 

Pillar 2 – The Quantum Way 

This above way is effective but incremental and can take much time. To avoid elongated processes of therapy that could take many months or years, it is possible to use a quantum way that collapses the time space continuum. An emotion can feel so enormous, one feels crushed by its weight and unsure how to even begin. It is always possible to find the perimeter of an energy field, no matter how far out it extends. Even when pain feels infinite, it can still be captured in terms of cycles of infinity. Having that end point allows one a concrete way to track progress, effectively counting towards the completion of a process. 

Sometimes, it may also feel like a painful wound may take years or even lifetimes to heal. Even if pain feels eternal, it can still be measured, in terms of cycles of eternity. Again, by way of visceral processing first, we then count through levels moving towards the pre-conceived endpoint. At times, one pauses to integrate, or to assimilate a lesson relative to a level, and in this way, we do not rush through anything and ensure we bring issues to their full completion and dissolve. Whether contracting time, space, or both, what previously seemed unmanageable or unfathomable to heal, comes into view as being truly possible to overcome. The deepest patterns, traumas and karmas, can be released employing quantum means; one only needs to open to the possibility of non-linear possibilities. 

Pillar 3 – The Divine Way 

The final pillar or portal through which transformation occurs is the joining of Human Effort and Divine Grace. It is the cell opening to the body, the micro calling out to the macro, asking for the greater whole to converge around itself as a part, seeking for help. It is not staying stranded as a lone one on a lone boat trying to make it against opposing rain, fierce wind, and torrential waters. It is realizing the forces of the universal are listening, compassionate, and ready to intervene as a loving parent naturally would if their beloved child call were to call for help. The grace referred to here, does not belong to a religion, it is in reference to the universal light and intelligence present of which we are not separate from. 

Inner breakthroughs are indeed in your dominion to pray for, while requests for external change must not infringe upon the free will of others, or ask the laws of the universe to break. In this sense, the tide of the ocean, or the direction of wind may not be the grand intervention, but rather a fellow boat that veers toward you to offer a ride, or a person from the shoreline offering you a hand. Nonetheless, as miracles are not limited by size, and are meant to override the impossible, anything is possible.  The third pillar is then the opening to divine grace where an impasse that once felt was impossible to cross, may be suddenly crossed. One need not believe anything as such, only to be open to open to the possibility that higher help exists. 

“As you think, so shall you create. As you feel, so shall you enact” ~ Avalon 

Heal yourself, Dissolve Karma, Start Anew.  

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